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Author inspires 'awesome' opening chapter

  • Wholeschool News

Ross Welford, author of Time Travelling With a Hamster and The Dog Who Saved the World held workshops with students from Years 6 to 8 on Tuesday, 14th May.

Years 7 and 8 students worked with the author to write an awesome opening chapter for their own best-selling novel. Using pictures and opening sentences to inspire them, Mr Welford led them through the process of creating their own unique piece of work. Some students were confident enough to share their work and Mr Welford gave them further tips.

In the afternoon, students from Year 6 were treated to Mr Welford’s “Magic, Science and Fiction” presentation. How did he know that Mina would choose “The Railway Children”? Why didn’t the water pour out on to Manraj’s head? Their session finished with an improvised story involving Frederic the crocodile, Susie the chipmunk, a group of aliens and a magic flying shoe.

Everyone declared that they had had an amazing time.

– By Mrs Rue, Secondary librarian