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Students gain valuable skills during expeditions

  • Secondary News

Over the past two weekends, Bronze participants in St George's Merite Jeunesse programme have begun embarking on their Qualifying Adventurous Journeys.

Since their practice expedition, students have been working on planning new routes, this time going from Welscheid to Kautenbach on Day 1, and from Kautenbach to Esch-sur-Sure on Day 2. Both hikes were very successful, with groups completing their routes in a safe and timely manner. Our groups worked fantastically together, despite having to contend with heavy rain and hot and brilliant sunshine.

The Merite Jeunesse Award programme is Luxembourg's version of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, which is renowned worldwide for its commitment to fostering leadership, resilience and a spirit of adventure among young people. Alongside the Adventurous Journey, students are required to take part in providing a service, engage in a physical activity and learn a skill. Many of our students have now completed some, or all, of these sections and are on track to receive their award at next year’s national award ceremony!

The expeditions, which are run by the school, are not merely outdoor adventures; they are transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on our students' lives – this cannot be achieved in the classroom. Through the Merite Jeunesse programme, they develop invaluable life skills, including leadership, communication and problem-solving, which will serve them well in their future endeavours.

We’re all looking forward to our Silver qualifying expedition in September and to welcoming a new cohort of participants in the next school year.

– By Mr Campbell, Merite Jeunesse Coordinator