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Outstanding results in maths challenge

  • Secondary News

St George's Years 7 and 8 students have achieved outstanding results in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge that took place on Thursday, 25th April.

The competition stretches the mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills of students and challenges them to think logically.

Certificates are awarded to the top-scoring 50% of participants – bronze, silver and gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1.

Congratulations to:

Bronze: Frederic F, Charlotte F, Marco G, Valentina L, Louise MH, Una OD and Julia VG in Year 7, and Isabella B, Zayd D,  Skye ER, Sophie EV, Isabel F, Grisha K, Julia K, Emma M, Elizaveta P and Biasar S in Year 8.

Silver: Matteo A, Arnav B (best in year), Purujith S, Dominic V and Almira K in Year 7, and Luca B, Nicholas F, Sofia G, Chizara I, Graham M, William RC and Joy Y in Year 8.

Gold: Adriana C and Kaloyan K (best in year, best in school and qualified to the Junior Maths Olympiad).

– By Mr Regueira‑Liñares, Head of Faculty (Mathematics & Computer Science)