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St George's is a proud member of Eco-Schools, a global network that empowers students, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment while engaging the wider local community and linking to the school curriculum. #STG_EcoSchool

Eco-Schools is a membership global network for schools to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environment in both the school and the local community while at the same time having a life-long positive impact on the lives of young people, their families, school staff and local authorities. Membership requires the formation of a school Eco-committee led by the students and supported by staff. The eco-committee in turn coordinates the school programme of eco-projects, tracking and monitoring progress. 

Below are examples of what St George's has achieved so far:

Eco News

Students help reforestation project
  • Eco News

A number of students from the Student Parliament participated in a reforestation project in Dudelange, removing dead trees and replanting new trees.

Recycling facility in canteen
  • Eco News

St George’s Facilities department has been busy installing new recycling bins in the canteen. Students are now able to sort their canteen waste and recycle plastic, metal and food waste.  

Eco News: Winter term round-up
  • Eco News

St George's students and staff were very active last term working on several sustainability projects around school. Read on for a summary of work by the school last term to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Climate Action team appointed
  • Eco News

St George's Climate Action team has been appointed with Eco-Agents from Primary and Secondary's Ministry of Climate in the Student Parliament.