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Primary School

St George's Primary School is made up of the Early Years of Foundation Stage: Nursery and Reception (ages 3-4), Key Stage 1 (ages 5-6), Key Stage 2 (ages 7-10).

Bespoke Curriculum

Underpinned by the National Curriculum for England, the primary section of St George’s has devised a bespoke curriculum, ensuring that learning is tailored to the school context. This takes into account the local context, with many opportunities to weave in the Luxembourgish perspective, whilst also including an international flavour, recognising the broad and varied backgrounds of the students.  

Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating diversity both within and beyond the curriculum is a key factor. As a result, students in the Primary have a strong sense of international mindedness and regularly cite the cultural diversity of the school as a key strength.  The Primary school values, created by the Student Council and displayed in every class are interwoven throughout the curriculum. Pride in the Luxembourgish history is evident, in displays, host country lessons, and was particularly highlighted by a visit from HRH Crown Prince Guillaume in October 2020.  

Core Subjects

The curriculum in Years 1-6 (ages 5-10) is comprised of core subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Art, Music, Drama, Information Technology and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education). Children study French or EAL (English as a Foreign Language) depending on their own personal ability level, and students in Years 3-6 have a weekly Luxembourgish lesson in order to deepen their knowledge of their host country. This year, Luxembourgish is offered in Year 4 as well.

By the end of Year 6, students, especially the most able, are highly articulate and read with fluency, expression and enthusiasm. They write confidently, use punctuation accurately and are fluent in a variety of genres. They are skilled at handling mathematical skills in a range of subjects, show independence and logical thought and achieve high standards of creativity in art, music and drama.
- ISI Inspection Report, March 2018

Small Class Sizes

Classes are kept small at St George’s, with a very positive teacher/student ratio. The average class size in Foundation (Nursery and Reception) is 17-18; In Key Stage 1 and 2 classes the average is 19 students per class.

In keeping with our emphasis on challenge and care, Primary students are assessed regularly in English, Mathematics, French and Science.

Distinctive System

St George’s has a distinctive system whereby Achievement and Progress Leaders and Lead Teachers support each phase of learning, allowing the most experienced teachers to work alongside class teachers, as well as providing tailored support and challenge for students across their phase. This unique staffing structure promotes a culture of high expectations and a continued emphasis on sharing best practice.

Learning is growing in doing, knowing and understanding.