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Yesun Shin

Yesun Shin graduated from St George's in 2015...

Growing up, my dream had always been to represent Korea and its culture to the wider world. This motivated my return to Korea for undergraduate studies at Yonsei University's Underwood International College, an all-English liberal arts institution.

To explore career paths, I participated in six internships across media, accounting, tech, venture capital and content companies during my undergrad years. I also actively participated in student clubs (consulting association, etc.) and the school press to broaden my experiences. This exploration led me to my current role at Kakao, where I have bridged my dream of representing Korea and its culture to the world, interest in reading and story content, and desire to work in tech. 

Kakao is a major Korean tech company known for KakaoTalk, the dominant messaging app in Korea (used by over 90% of the Korean population). I'm a Global Business Development Manager in the entertainment division, focusing on introducing and expanding Korean webtoons and webnovels to readers worldwide. We offer our content through multiple platforms globally, including Tapas (which you can access in Luxembourg too!)

Since 2018, I've been the youngest board member of The Korea Legacy Committee (KLC), a non-profit fighting senior citizen poverty in Korea. Our unique operational model relies entirely on volunteers, including myself and other board / team members. In 2022, we opened 'Legacy Kitchen,' a volunteer-run community kitchen operated entirely on donor money that serves more than 1,000 seniors monthly (we served 12,000 seniors in 2023 alone and aim to double that in 2024). I'm proud of the personal growth I have made alongside KLC and will continue to advocate for compassionate philanthropy.


I identify as Korean but have lived in four countries – Korea, Sri Lanka, Italy and Luxembourg. This multicultural upbringing has shaped my worldview and made me who I am today.