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Tshering Bhutia

Tshering Bhutia graduated from St George's in 2013...

After graduating from St George's I moved to London to pursue my bachelor's degree in business and modern languages at the University of Greenwich. Once I'd completed my degree, I aimed to gain hands-on experience in the business field by spending my summer in London.

I started with a one-month internship as an interior stylist, helping style houses for photoshoots. The experience made me want more exposure in the interior design industry, so I applied for a sales consultant role at a fabric and wallpaper company, via a recruitment agency. Although I wasn't selected for that role, I ended up being hired by the agency to work as a recruitment consultant. This experience helped me develop my people skills and understand the job market and recruitment processes.

After that summer, my now-husband and I returned to Luxembourg to take advantage of the growing opportunities for a more prosperous life there. I took on an HR role at a financial services provider for six months, but quickly realised that there was a vast difference between an HR and an external recruiter role. I was more involved in administrative tasks, which did not fulfil my career prospects.

After searching for other opportunities, I was hired as a recruitment consultant at an agency. This experience was pivotal as an incredible director trained me with much knowledge on bringing out the best in employees. My experience at the agency made me more resilient and confident. The team supported each other, and together, we shared a lot of success. With success, we also earned great commissions, which led to my adventure of investing in real estate. My partner and I began buying and renovating old properties to resell or rent. We discovered our true passion through those projects.

While renovating, I shared our projects and the importance of interior design with friends and family through a blog. Soon after, I started receiving emails from potential customers asking if I could offer my design service to them, making me question my life goals. After leaving the recruitment agency, I worked in two more companies, but opening my own interior design company was the only thing I had in mind.

Fast-forward to today and I run my own interior design company, Diaz-Caneja Interiors, where I transform houses into beautiful homes for people. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm so grateful for all the experiences that led me to where I am today. 


I own my own interior design company, which allows me to pursue my passion of transforming old houses through stunningly beautiful interiors.