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STG Alumni

Where are our alumni now?  

Yesun Shin

Yesun Shin graduated in 2015 and completed her undergraduate studies at Yonsei University's Underwood International College in South Korea. She is now a Global Business Development Manager at a major Korean tech company. Read more here.

Ruaidhri Hogan

After graduating in 2016, Ruaidhri Hogan studied computing science at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in The Netherlands. He now works as a software engineer for a Dutch software company.


We truly believe that the school and everything it stands for has played a huge role in our children's lives...thank you for helping to develop our children into the amazing people they have become.
- a former St George's parent

Isabel Oakes

Since graduating from St George's in 2015, Isabel Oakes has completed a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at Kings College London and a Masters of Philosophy in Economic History at the University of Oxford. She is now undertaking a PhD in History at the University of Oxford. Read Isabel's story here.

Rebecca Lau

When Rebecca Lau was a teenager, she was not sure what career path she wanted to pursue. After university she collaborated with one of Luxembourg's ambassadors and the United Nations, and then volunteered in Covid centres during lockdown, which ultimately led to a career in politics. Read Rebecca's story here.

Tshering Bhutia

Tshering Bhutia graduated from St George's in 2013 and moved to London to complete a bachelor's degree in business and modern languages. An internship as an interior stylist introduced her to the world of interior design and after returning to Luxembourg and not finding fulfilment in other fields, she started her own interior design company. Read more here.

Oliver Stricker

After graduating in 2019, Oliver Stricker moved to Denmark where he studied mechanical engineering at university. After completing his degree he stayed in Denmark and now works at a 3D-printing production company where one of his career highlights has been designing trays to transport insulin to millions of people around the world. Read more here.

Bronwen Vaughan

Bronwen Vaughan graduated from St George's in 2017 and after taking a gap year, she studied illustration at university. She now works as a freelance illustrator specialising in environmental and conservation-focused projects. Read about Bronwen's journey here

Cathrine Foldberg-Møller

Cathrine Foldberg-Møller was a student at St George's from 1991 until 1995 and was one of the school's first students. After completing her secondary education, Cathrine studied law in the UK and returned to Luxembourg where she has forged a successful career. Read Cathrine's story here


I really appreciated the small size of the school and the interactions we had with teachers and fellow students. It was wonderful how we all knew each other. The support and guidance I received were incredible and I will always be grateful.
– Carolina, graduated in  2013

Chris Bowen-Long

Chris Bowen-Long graduated from St George's in 2016 and studied international relations at university in the UK. After completing his degree, he returned to Luxembourg and started working at Deloitte as an analyst in Fund Registration Services. Read Chris's story here

Ben Crotty

At the age of 15 Ben Crotty knew he wanted to work in finance, so after leaving St George's in 2015 he worked his way up the ladder in several banks and finance companies. He is now a Client Service Account Manager at a global financial services firm. Read more here

Are you an alumnus?

Our #STGAlumni above have shared the paths they've followed since graduating from St George's. If you'd like to share your story, please fill in our survey here and follow us through the channels below.