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Ambassador hosts Beatles in the Garden

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St George’s musicians and Eco-Agents collaborated to celebrate World Environment Day on Wednesday, 5th June, at the British Ambassador’s Residence.

The event, proposed by St George's Music Coordinator Dr O'Connor and supported by Sustainability Coordinator Ms McHugh, was a fun and enjoyable way to support the environment.  

Guests were delighted by stunning music ensembles of Beatles music in the garden and were surrounded by beetle artwork created by our talented primary students. It was a powerful moment for the school's music and sustainability teams to unite and spread a beautiful and important message.

Not only did the event reinforce the importance of acting sustainably, but it also provided valuable practical learning opportunities for the students. The school's Eco-Agents presented projects and sustainability innovations they have been working on; they analysed microplastics, completed a biodiversity audit of the ambassador’s garden and showcased edible insects to name just a few projects.

St George’s was delighted to be joined by Kemo Fatty, the founder of Green Up Gambia. Recently, St George’s partnered with Green Up Gambia to promote reforestation and support The Great Green Wall of Africa to help offset school emissions. Kemo Fatty gave a moving talk on the importance of partnerships for working towards the UN SDGs.

Special thanks to Deputy Ambassador Danial Shaikh, who not only helped coordinate the event but tried the insects and embraced further action to support the school to reduce microplastic through his promotion of the app “Beat the Bead”. 

Ambassador Fleur Thomas stated it had been "a joy to see the innovation by the students", highlighting that St George's musical approach to raising awareness for the environment and its challenges hit all the right notes.

Link to RTL news article

– By Ms McHugh and Dr O'Connor