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Our Values

St George's provides a well-rounded and world-class international education. In a friendly, dynamic and supportive environment, we prepare all our students to lead purposeful, fulfilling and successful lives - to be the very best each can be.

At St George's we believe:

  • Learning should be accessible to everyone, with every student able to find the tools and opportunities to achieve their full potential.
  • Learning should be personalised according to individual needs, with students receiving the challenges and the support necessary to achieve their highest potential.
  • Students should be given challenging academic opportunities to foster confidence and help them grow into bright, self-assured and aspirational individuals.
  • Students should be given a foundation of strong values, based on mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.
  • The curriculum choices, classroom culture and overall atmosphere should celebrate diversity while emphasising a feeling of community.
  • The learning environment should be stimulating, positive, supportive and safe.

Achieving potential through challenge and care.