Other Activities

Chess Club (Years 4-9)

Improve your skills or learn from scratch. A professional chess coach tutors students and they will participate in the end of year chess cup competition, which has a variety of trophies and medals to attain.

Cooking Club (Years 1-3 / Years 4-6)

Students will have great fun mastering their cookery skills such as mixing, whisking, kneading, grating, chopping, rolling, weighing and measuring to produce delicious creations!

Eco Club (Years 3-6)

This club will focus on energy saving (measuring weekly or monthly energy use), measuring rainfall and thinking about how we re-use the water, highlighting the need for saving energy, recycling initiatives, encouraging wildlife into the school grounds and so on.

Further Maths Club (Year 13)

The Further Maths Club is to help students studying for A Level Further Maths and is only open to Further Maths students.

Jeux de Cartes Club (Playing Cards) (Years 3-6)

Les enfants auront la possibilité de se divertir dans le calme et d’apprendre à communiquer, à partager et à développer leurs compétences en stratégie et en observation. Ils apprendront des jeux de cartes très variés tels que le kems, l’ascenseur, le whist ou encore le président et la réussite. Le club se déroulera en français, ce qui permettra aux enfants de pratiquer une langue tout en s’amusant.

A ‘playing cards’ club in a fun environment where the students play various different card games. This club is in French.

Juggling Club (Years 5-8)

Ever wanted to juggle with balls, clubs and poi? Well, now you can learn at our new Juggling Club. You will develop hand-eye coordination skills, concentration skills, balance and rhythm while having fun trying to keep as many objects in the air as possible. Juggling is also a great form of exercise.

Meditation Club (Years 3-6)

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualisation, breathing, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Mandala (Reception-Y2)

Would you be surprised to learn that mandalas have existed since the beginning of time and that you probably witness and experience their beauty every day? Simply stated, a mandala is a sacred circle. The word mandala comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and loosely means “circle” or “centre”. It is a simple geometric shape that has no beginning or end. Within its circular shape, the mandala has the power to promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, and support healing. The great news is you can achieve all of these benefits while having fun with your mandala colouring pages. Come and join our new club to relax, meditate and enjoy colouring mandalas.

Relaxation Club (Years 7-13)

Relaxation in psychology is the emotional state of a living being, of low tension, in which there is an absence of arousal that could come from sources such as anger, anxiety or fear. According to the Oxford dictionary relaxation is when the body and mind are free from tension and anxiety.

Yoga Club (Years 5-7)

The benefits of Yoga for children are similar to those for adults. Benefits include greater optimism, increased focus, concentration and improvements in sleep quality have all been linked to participation in Yoga.





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