French Club (Beginners) (Reception-Year 2)

This club will be aimed at students who are beginners in French. They will learn the basics in French through games and activities.

French Club (Intermediate) (Years 2-4)

This club will be aimed at students who are not beginners in French but have a small amount of knowledge. They will progress in French through games and activities.

French Club (Advanced) (Years 3-6)

This club will be aimed at students who are advanced in French so mainly those who speak it at home or have had lessons. They will improve their French grammar and speech through games and activities.

Italian for Italian Speakers Club (Years 1-3 / Years 4-6)

Students will learn the Italian language in a fun environment with a native Italian. This club is aimed at Italian speakers.

Luxembourgish Club (Years 1-2)

Students will learn the Luxembourg language in a fun environment.

Mandarin Club (Beginners) (Years 2-6)

The students will learn basic, every day vocabulary in categories such as animals, body parts, colours, numbers, shapes and greetings. The lesson will also teach some Chinese culture such as thousand years of history. Knowledge of Mandarin will enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.

Mandarin Club (Intermediate) (Years 5-8)

This club will enable the students who participated in last year’s Mandarin Club, to further develop their knowledge of the Mandarin language. The students will be able to immerse themselves deeper into this rich culture and will be at a more advanced and comprehensive level.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) GCSE Support (Years 10-11)

The club will support students who are taking language examinations this academic year.

Portuguese for Beginners (Years 7-9)

Come and join the Portuguese Teacher to learn the language and have fun increasing your language knowledge.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers Club (Years 2-6)

Join this club to develop/widen your Spanish vocabulary, understanding of grammar and conversational skills through a variety of immersive activities including games, songs, hands-on tasks and the use of engaging visual aids.





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