Languages & Academic

Debating Club (Year 10 - 13)

Come along to Debating Club and let off some steam. Discuss the key issues of the day, either locally, nationally or internationally. Join in with considered discussions about topics and issues that you feel strongly about, you set the agenda – not us. Take the opportunity to develop essential skills and to take part in local, national and international debating competitions. Due to the complex nature of some of the topics we debate, this club is only suitable for students in Year 10 and above.

Foreign Language Film & Theatre (Year 9 - 11)

Watch, analyse and discuss French and German-speaking films or plays. This club will give students an opportunity to discover foreign films or plays, expand their cultural knowledge and start developing analysis skills for future exams later in Key Stage 5.

French Club (Beginners) (Year 1 - 2)

This club will be aimed at students who are beginners in French. They will learn the basics in French through games and activities.

French Club (Beginners) (Years 1-2)

This club will be aimed at students who are not beginners in French but have a small amount of knowledge. They will progress in French through games and activities.

French IGCSE Study Support (Year 10 – 11)

This club helps Year 10 and Year 11 students to practice some aspects of the IGCSE exam. We will focus on the speaking part of the exam, in a relaxing atmosphere, encouraging the students to improve their spontaneity as well as on the writing part, helping them to use a wide variety of idioms, vocabulary, structures and appropriate tenses.

German Club for Beginners (Y1 – Y3)

This club will focus on beginners in German as well as students who would like to refresh their German language skills. During the club students will discover their ambition and love for the language by playing games, joyful learning and having fun together. These activities aim at fostering their language awareness, developing their oral expression skills and expanding their word pool.

Mandarin Club (Beginners) (Years 2-6)

The students will learn basic, every day vocabulary in categories such as animals, body parts, colours, numbers, shapes and greetings. The lesson will also teach some Chinese culture such as thousand years of history. Knowledge of Mandarin will enrich your understanding of Chinese culture.

Mandarin Club (Intermediate) (Years 2-8)

This club is only for those students who attended last year’s Mandarin Club.

This club will enable the students, to further develop their knowledge of the Mandarin language. The students will be able to immerse themselves deeper into this rich culture and will be at a more advanced and comprehensive level.

Further Maths Club (Year 13)

A club that helps students in A Level Further Maths

IGCSE Maths (Year 12)

This club is intended to support Y12/Y13 students in preparation for their IGCSE Mathematics exam, whether they are new to the British system or are resitting their exam.

Weekly News (Year 9 – 11)

A weekly discussion and analysis of current issues or news to expand the knowledge of the world we live in, and also understand the impact these issues have or could have. The club is run with a series of interactive activities and debates that will develop critical thinking, news literacy skills and increase curiosity regarding current global issues. All student-friendly content. Areas covered: Global politics, Environment and Climate change, Social issues, Education, Health, Technology and Culture.





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