Badminton Club (Years 4-6)

This club will cover aspects of Badminton, making it fun and enjoyable for all.

Basketball Club (Years 4-6)

Come and experience the fun and excitement of learning and playing Basketball. Fun and energetic club for both boys and girls alike.

Basketball for Girls Club (Years 7-13)

Come and experience the fun and excitement of learning and playing basketball. A fun and energetic club just for girls.

Field Hockey (Years 3-6)

Come and learn how to play Field Hockey with the Coach. Field Hockey is a team sport of the hockey family. The earliest origins of the game date back to the Middle Ages in England, Scotland, France and the Netherlands. Each team plays with eleven players, including the goalie but will be adapted for school.

Fitkick / Mixed Martial Arts Club (Years 7-11)

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport and hobby to many people from cultures formed all over the world. MMA, as suggested by its name, is a mixture of arts comprising of kickboxing, boxing, grappling, Muay Thai and many more to mention. Although taken up as a sport to improve physical fitness by many people, MMA has spiritual & religious connections and so encourages a diverse range of people with a feeling of safety, warmth and most of all, community. The Secondary Fitkick/Mixed Martial Arts Club will be focussed on fitness, with the intention of developing a persevering and harmonious mental and physical state. Don’t be scared, come along, give it a go and improve that fitness together.

Football Club (Years 3-4)

This club is a fun way of advancing the students’ awareness of football where they will increase their knowledge and skills through hard work. They will improve their technical abilities as well as learning how to work as a team. Football will teach the students good sportsmanship.

International Sports Team Club (Years 7-8)

Students from Years 7 and 8 will train in two of the disciplines required for the 2018 COBIS Games. Selection for the team to represent the school (7 boys and 7 girls) will be finalised in the Spring Term. Students in the club may also have the opportunity to represent the school in additional events that take place during the year.

Martial Arts / Self-Defence Club (Years 1-4 / Years 5-13, Parents)

There are hundreds of different Martial Arts around the world. Every major civilisation has created their own version. Martial Arts are about self-discipline, body and mind harmony, respect and a sense of belonging. Martial Arts are also a widespread and traditional pedagogical method. In order to combine fun, sport and learning fundamentals in a safe environment for boys, girls, and adults alike, we have chosen Ju-Jitsu, self-defence and boxing as stepping stones of this Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) course. Ju-Jitsu is based on projections, locks and chokes. Self-defence is a set of techniques designed to remain safe in case of aggression, by using a defence proportionate to the attack. Boxing is based on punches and kicks to defend and attack. A martial artist’s only true opponent is themselves, and Martial Arts are essentially a mental preparation for a well-balanced life.

Scooter Club (Years 1-2)

Come and join our new Scooter Club if you are interested in learning all safety and fun aspects of scootering. All students must bring their own scooter and helmet weekly to School (and leave them in the bike shed on a Thursday morning). Activities starting with safety, stopping and then moving on to manoeuvring around cones and then progressing to some very small ramps.

Soccer, Soccer Club (Years 1-2, Years 3-4, Years 5-6)

The Soccer, Soccer Elite Football Academy is a proven football/soccer program with tangible results for boys and girls ages 4 to 17. It is designed to provide all football players with technical and tactical knowledge for their future development. Come and join the coaches here at school for a great learning experience.

Sports and Athletics Club (Years 4-6)

Join the new Sports and Athletics Club to enjoy various aspects of sports and athletics here at school, in a safe and fun environment.

Table Tennis Club (Years 6-13)

This club offers you a safe environment to have fun while playing and improving your table tennis skills.

Yoga Club (Nursery-Reception / Years 1-3 / Years 4-6)

The benefits of Yoga for children are similar to those for adults. Emotional benefits include greater optimism and a less reactive nature. Mental benefits include increased focus, concentration and improvements in the quality of sleep, have been reported. Yoga is used for treatment of children with special needs or is used to aid conventional medical treatment.





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