A Multi-Sensory Experience

An exciting resource located in the Hamilius building is a Multi-Sensory room, which is equipped with dozens of visual, tactile, and auditory items that serve to both stimulate and calm the senses. The teaching space, which is unlike any other in the school, is open to students and classes of all ability levels. The concept of a Multi-Sensory room originated in the late 1970’s and was based on the belief that basic human needs include the need for sensory stimulation, the need to make sense of the world, and the need for relaxation and enjoyment.

Three major benefits of a multi-sensory environment:

  1. Providing opportunities for the children to control their environment, develop/explore cause and effect understanding, develop motor skills, and promote independence.
  2. Providing a stimulating environment that inspires creativity, imagination, visual response, touching, and verbalizing.
  3. Promoting leisure and relaxation while encouraging the use of the senses in a non-directed manner and promoting appropriate physical contact and relationships.

Teachers are encouraged to utilise the room for a broad spectrum of subjects and activities – for example storytelling, communication skills, group work, and one-on-one work. The space is safe for students to explore and learn at their own pace and has been well-received by students and staff alike.


The ever-changing colours and shapes in the bubble tube create a calming and relaxing environment. Students can change the rhythm of the bubbles and colour of the tube with their own interactive switches.

Fibre Optics

The constantly changing colours of these fibre optic strands encourage the focusing of attention and provide visual stimulation.

Mirror Ball

A projector creates different patterns and shapes on the wall, or can play off the reflections of the mirror ball. In addition to creating a captivating atmosphere, it also promotes visual tracking.

Touch & Feel

Small, hand-held equipment can be used for a variety of different purposes, including visual tracking and promoting concentration.

Infinity Panel

The fibre optic “infinity panel” creates an amazing visual effect that seems to stretch on to infinity. Students can use the interactive switch to change the colour and motion of the panel.


The glowing shapes on the magnetic shape board offer a more tactile approach to recognising shapes and patterns.





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