Year 2 Interview Dr Barkei
Posted 18/12/2018 10:31

On Tuesday morning, Year 2 Bettembourg’s students invited Dr Barkei into class for a fun round of questions and answers, the students prepared questions in advance and relished getting to know Dr Barkei! Here is a list of what was asked:

  1. Are you a Dr that looks after children? CB: I have a Doctorate of History and Politics
  2. How old are you? CB:52
  3. Are you famous?
    CB: No, I don’t think I’d like to be. I like to look after the school. Sometimes I end up in the paper but I’m not famous.
  4. Do you play rugby or any other sports? CB: Rowing, a few hours on the Moselle is perfect. If it’s frozen or too cold I have a machine in my basement.
  5. What do you do in school? CB: Work with the heads to discuss what happens in school. Building management, speak to parents.
  6. Do you have any animals? CB: 2 cats, Violet and Charlie
  7. What nationality are you? CB: Born in Australia, moved to England, Germany, China, Indonesia and Luxembourg.
  8. What languages can you speak? CB: German, English, a little French and Luxembourgish and a tiny bit of Russian.
  9. Do you like playing? CB: Playing is very important, outside or with Lego, reading is good but playing out is best. I love to play, rowing is playing for me.
  10. What is your favourite food? CB: Lentil Soup -my dad used to make amazing Lentil soup, worked away a lot and this brings back good memories. Little sausages from Nuremburg
  11. Are you looking forward to a quiet Christmas or do you travel? CB: Quiet Christmas at home with my family.
  12. Are you on the Good list? CB: Most of the time ;)





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