Missing in me Drama Performance
Posted 12/03/2018 15:13

Missing in Me is a new theatre piece devised and presented by BYTE (BackYardTheatreEnsemble), to students from year 9 through to year 13 on Friday afternoon in the school auditorium. Having premiered in Melbourne/Australia, the production is currently on international tour through Luxembourg, to Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and the Netherlands, before transferring to Singapore.

Missing in Me tells the story of Samira and her sister Millie who is surrounded by wealth and an absence of love. Samira has just finished her schooling and tries make sense of what is ahead of her. The theatre piece deals with identity, parent-child relationships, love and the very relevant issue of making the right choices so that you can follow your passion. It was at times comic, moving and thought-provoking as the characters shared their innermost feelings with the audience.

Students who currently study Drama as an option subject in year 10 - 13 were invited to attend a workshop led by the director Joachim Matschoss on Saturday morning. 31 students attended the acting workshop, where they were treated to a series of ensemble games and exercises leading to the exploration of a short section of text. The workshop gave them an insight to the type of exercises they would access in a professional context and they responded exceptionally well, with hard work and intelligence.





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