Maths Students Experiment using Snow
Posted 06/12/2017 08:26

Year 12 and 13 Further Maths students took advantage of the snow last Friday to put their skills to the test and apply their knowledge outside the class room. They performed experiments involving motion of two connected objects on a smooth surface and physically demonstrated the reduced slowing effect of moving bodies on a surface with less friction. Marcus managed to skid further thanks to giving himself more momentum and using shoes with less friction on his soles. While on the slopes, we considered centres of mass and stability with the help of the working crane in the background.

The snowman was constructed as a mark of respect for the differential equations part of the course, where the rate at which a snowman’s head loses volume by melting needs to be calculated.

Finally, the students combined maths with pure fun by performing experiments with parabolic projectile motion and collisions, otherwise known as a snowball fight!




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