Key Stage 3 Challenge Series
Posted 10/10/2017 16:43

The challenge series is taking place again this year for students in years 7, 8 and 9. The challenges have been designed to promote and reinforce the idea of continually ‘doing the basics right’. At different points during the year, the students will be presented with a challenge for a period of about 2 weeks - during this time they will be monitored on a daily basis to ensure that they meet the challenge criteria.  The first challenge will be the ‘Equipment Challenge’ which begins on Monday October 9th and concludes on Friday October 19th. Students must bring the correct basic equipment to school everyday i.e. a pen, pencil, ruler, reading book and PLANNER! Every student who successfully completes the challenge will receive a Merit from their Tutor and will also be entered into a prize draw, with each challenge having the following individual prizes: 

                                                1st place - £20 Amazon voucher

                                                2nd place - £15 Amazon voucher

                                                3rd place - £10 Amazon voucher

In addition to this the best performing Tutor Group will receive a trophy which they will hold until the winners of the next challenge are announced.  It is hoped that this extra incentive and directed focus will ensure that students develop good routines and arrive at school ‘ready to learn’.  I hope that you will support and encourage the students’ full participation in this initiative. - J Cooper




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