A Vision Turned into Reality
Posted 13/09/2017 10:05

Achievement and Progress Leader for EYFS, Ludmilla Pillay meets Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London at the opening of the Early Years Foundation Stage Unit at Fircroft Primary school in London

In 2009 our Achievement and Progress Leader, Ludmilla Pillay worked at Fircroft Primary School in London, she had a vision of building an Early Years Foundation Stage unit so that children in this age group (3,4 and 5 year olds) would have better opportunities for learning through easier transitions from Nursery to Reception and in to Year one. Ludmilla worked closely with architects, governors and parents of the school to produce plans of what the Early Years Foundation Stage unit could look like. The biggest challenge at that time was funding for such a huge project. Ludmilla left Fircroft Primary in 2009 to move on with her career but the vision of the EYFS unit remained alive and was opened last week on Friday 8th September by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan. In his opening speech, Sadiq referred to the idea initiated by Ludmilla as a great opportunity to work closer with the community and to improve outcomes for the youngest of children. He also made reference to the home visit that Ludmilla conducted to his home before his children started school at Fircroft Primary and said "I still remember the home visit of when Ludmilla visited my wife and I in 2010, to help build relationships between the teacher, the parent and the child. Ludmilla made us both feel that we could leave our baby in her hands'.




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