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HRH Crown Prince Guillaume Marks 30Yrs of STG
Posted 16/10/2020 13:17

On Thursday 15th October, St George’s International School had the honour of welcoming HRH Crown Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg to the school for the first time in respect of the national COVID-19 measures in place. Primary students greeted the Crown Prince by lining up and waving homemade Luxembourgish flags as he entered the playground. 

During the royal visit, HRH Crown Prince Guillaume took the time to take part in a Q&A session prepared by St George’s Year 6 and 7 students on the Grand Ducal Family history, a topic studied in Primary’s bespoke curriculum, underpinned by the National Curriculum for England. 

St George’s students learnt that if HRH Crown Prince Guillaume was not a member of the royal family he would be a chef, specialising in Italian food, his favourite subject at school was History, he is a keen tennis player, enjoys eating Asian cuisine and he is yet to see a real polar bear. 

HRH Crown Prince Guillaume also spoke of his admiration for Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner who pioneered the concepts of microcredit and microfinance. Mr Yunus’s objective is to help combat poverty by providing small loans to help poor people help themselves. 

HRH Crown Prince Guillaume finished the Q&A session with the challenging question, ‘If you were in Duchesse Charlotte’s place, would you have fled to the UK?’ He said whether to stay in Luxembourg and suffer with the people or leave and represent the unity and independence of the country, was the most difficult decision of Grand Duchess Charlotte’s life, but he hopes he would have made the same choice,

 ‘History is a very tough judge, because of course you know how things unfold, in that moment you do not know if it was the right or wrong choice, but I hope I would have made the same choice as she did, but it is difficult to say’. 

St George’s Principal, Dr Barkei, and HE Mr John Marshall, the UK Ambassador to the Grand Duchy, then accompanied HRH Crown Prince Guillaume on a tour of the School premises.

To commemorate this momentous occasion and to celebrate St George’s 30th anniversary, HRH Crown Prince Guillaume unveiled a mural of the School’s history, marking major school highlights of the past 30 years.





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