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Maths Faculty Assembly: Ada Lovelace Day
Posted 14/10/2020 11:23

Earlier this week the Maths faculty held an assembly for all students in secondary (with KS4 and KS5 students watching via Zoom!) The Women in STEM Assembly taught an essential lesson of staying true to yourself, and following where your instinct and passion takes you. It celebrated the lives of so many women who had conquered seemingly unconquerable obstacles, and had succeeded in following their instincts, interests and passions for STEM subjects. Our goal was to shine light on the positive and incredible stories of so many women in STEM, and to help inspire a generation to follow their true selves; particularly women interested in pursuing STEM, and daunted by the indisputable disadvantage their gender have in those fields especially. We also aimed to raise awareness of the changing statistics in STEM subjects, where the promotion of women increase significantly each year worldwide - in some fields such as medical - even becoming the majority-gender in the jobs industry. Thank you to all students involved!

Written by Georgia S, 11KVD





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