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Year 8 Virtual Maths Trip
Posted 30/09/2020 09:20

Year 8 Mathematics students have been treated to a very special experience. With no school trips currently taking place, cultural visits are not possible. So instead of traveling abroad to a Greek island, the island has been brought to the them.

Students in Year 8 were given a virtual guided tour of Samos using specially shot video footage and pictures. A small number of Year 13 students were able to join for this special occasion. The star of the tour was Pythagoras, known and remembered by all who have sat in a secondary mathematics class room from Year 8 onwards. Famous for the theorem named after Pythagoras, Year 8 were introduced to this topic recently and, in doing so, learned a little about the mathematician and philosopher. On Samos, there is a magnificent statue celebrating Pythagoras in the form of a right-angled triangle. A must-see for all die hard mathematicians, even if it is in virtual form.





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