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Secondary Mathematics Super Curriculum
Posted 22/09/2020 16:46

Students in secondary have been learning details about the Mathematics Super Curriculum. This is an opportunity to learn above and beyond the confines of the textbook, to really explore mathematics and the wonders that don’t get discussed in the class room. Available on Teams and the school website, students can choose which activities to pursue. It is an exciting opportunity for students to take control of their learning and to research along a path of their choosing. After completing an activity, if students want to learn even more then their maths teachers will give further guidance.

Pictured are students in Year 8 taking a look at the Super Curriculum board along the mathematics corridor. This new display has been created to show examples of just some of the activities that are available. Very well done to Elena who explored the activity on Fibonacci and the famous sequence named after him. Elena produced an excellent article, presented here for you to read, summarising her findings.

We would very much like to hear from other students engaging in the activities and encourage anyone who has done so to speak with their maths teacher. Time to explore what’s out there!

You can view the Super Curriculums available on the website here.

View KS3 Curriculum here.

View KS4 Curriculum here.

View KS5 Curriculum here.





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