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St George's Road Safety Training Day
Posted 22/09/2020 16:40

On Friday 18th September, representatives from the police and driving safety agencies came to St George’s to speak to students in Year 12 on the importance of safe driving. Students were given a very important talk on the critical issue of safety behind the wheel of a vehicle, at a time when the majority of the audience will soon be considering taking their first driving lessons.

The presentations included powerful videos showing the damages caused from collisions at various speeds and the lifechanging impacts that road accidents have had on peoples’ lives. Our guest speakers spoke of the importance of driving with a ‘clear head’ and to avoid driving when tired, stating that many accidents happen due to a slow-down in reaction times. Other factors that can save lives include the wearing of safety belts and the avoidance of distractions (mobile phones being a major contributor to road accidents).

There was some good news that the safety campaigns are working and that across the last couple of years the number of deaths and serious injuries on Luxembourg’s roads are decreasing. And this is a trend we need to continue.

Outside, in glorious weather, students witnessed the differences in stopping distances from a car at different speeds, as an expert drove along our private road and produced emergency stops at 20 km/h, 30 km/h and 50 km/h. The students were then asked to consider what the stopping distances would be in less than glorious weather. The police brought with them examples of two vehicles involved in a serious collision, the damage obvious to see, with a clear moment of sadness as we considered the suffering caused to the passengers involved. Lastly, students were given a visual demonstration of the importance of safety belts as two of our very own were sat in a model which was then rotated, slowly, so that they were upside down in their car seats. With their seat belts properly worn, the students were safely protected.

St George’s thanks CFC, ACL and the police for their presentations; they were factual and sobering and the messages within were very powerful.





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