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Wellbeing Bulletin Primary (Anti-Bullying)
Posted 26/11/2019 16:43


Primary Wellbeing Bulletin November 2019: Anti Bullying

‘Change Starts with Us’

This is the theme for the UK anti-bullying week which took place earlier this month. It reminds us all that we have a collective responsibility for the wellbeing of everyone in our school. We regularly teach the children about what bullying is and what they should do if they are a victim of bullying or if they see it happening to someone else, but we also want our children to come to a school where they feel safe and bullying is the rarest of occurrences.

We all choose how to behave, and we encourage the children to choose to be kind. Acts of kindness make people feel included, can lift someone’s mood and practising kindness is also good for you. Research has shown that acts of kindness release hormones that helps lower blood pressure and increase feelings of satisfaction and wellbeing. Being kind to others can also decrease anxiety within yourself. Al-in-all the easiest way of boosting your own wellbeing is to help someone else (Rowland and Curry 2017). The Primary School will continue to focus on ‘kindness’ as one of our values throughout this school year.

The following website has lots of useful information and advice for parents about bullying in school and online.






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