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Power Thoughts by Natalie Costa
Posted 24/10/2019 08:33

Natalie Costa will be giving a workshop on Monday 11th November in St George's Auditorium. This event is from 5:30-6:30pm.

This workshop is designed for parents who want to learn powerful yet practical tools and strategies that support
your child’s emotional wellbeing and develop deeper, more meaningful connections.
If we want to help our children manage their emotions it really starts with us being able to model this to them AND
to teach them ways to speak clearly and confidently.

Natalie will dive deeper into the theme of ‘big’ emotions and share practical tools allowing you to:

  • Really understand what’s going on inside your child’s brain when the emotional outbursts occur.
  • Learn how to support your child and meet them where they’re at, so that they are feeling calmer and responding from a more resourceful state.
  • Apply fun, practical and interactive techniques which you’ll immediately be able to share with your child so that they too get in on the fun, learning the tools to help them ‘keep their cool!’.

The session is designed to be informative, practical and interactive, and you’ll also have an opportunity to take
home an activity so that you’re further able to support your child.

About Natalie:
Natalie is the founder and creator of Power Thoughts, a teaching, coaching and mindfulness service that supports children as young as 5 through their own experiences of growing up. As a former teacher, she is only too familiar with the pressure and demands that children face and the negative impact this can have on their performance and emotional wellbeing.
Natalie focuses on supporting children to learn the tools so that they are better able to manage their emotions, respond to
challenges and obstacles in a more resourceful way so that they are able to feel calmer, happier and more confident within
themselves. Supporting children from as young as 5, she has delivered Power Thoughts to over thousands of children, with her work featured in the national press, podcasts and even live morning television. Natalie’s intention is always to be focused on helping one child at a time be as happy as they can possibly be. To find out more, visit






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