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Primary Bulletin: Being kind
Posted 22/10/2019 15:46

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice

We all hope that others will be kind to us and, particularly, be kind to our children. When you send your child to our school, you are trusting that they will be in an environment that will care for their needs, help them to feel good about themselves and treat them with respect. We need to teach the children about how to be kind to create this caring ethos.

We care about our children and want them to be happy, so we often get them to talk about their feelings and how we can help them feel happy. However, we can sometimes focus too much on whether our children are happy that they do not learn about thinking of the feelings of others. Richard Weissbourd of the Making Caring Common Project (Harvard University School of Education) says that it is important that children learn to have empathy for others and that it is up to us to model kind behaviour for our children, so that they see that we give value to having a caring nature and acting with thought and compassion towards others. We should acknowledge and praise children when they show kindness towards others and place as much emphasis on this positive character trait as we do on their academic, musical or sporting success. We all want our children to be moral people and so we have to show them what this means in everyday life. You can read more about this in the article below:

Here are some ideas that children can do to show kindness to others


  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  2. Do a chore for someone without them knowing.
  3. Tell a joke.
  4. Feed the birds.
  5. Call your grandparents and ask them about their childhood.
  6. Pick up litter.
  7. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  8. Compliment a friend.
  9. Plant something.

10. Set the table for dinner.

11. Tell someone why they are special to you.

12. Donate outgrown clothes.

13. Talk to someone new at school.

14. Weed or shovel show for a neighbour.

15. Donate food to a food bank.

16. Read a book to someone.

17. Say hello to everyone you see.

18. Invite someone to play on the playground.

19. Tell the principal how great your teacher is.

20. Donate a toy to Toys for Tots.

21. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

22. Help make dinner.

23. Bring your neighbours’ garbage cans up for them.

24. Share a special toy with a friend.

25. Clean up your room without being asked.

26. Teach someone something new.

27. Reuse paper when you are drawing

28. Collect money or items for your favourite charity.

29. Donate colouring books and crayons to the children’s hospital.

30. Write a poem for a friend.

31. Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts.

32. Help someone unload groceries at the store.

33. Adopt an animal online.

34. Make a homemade gift for someone.

35. Clean up your toys without being asked.

36. Give high fives to a friend.

37. Smile at everybody. It’s contagious.





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