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Music and Brain Development
Posted 16/10/2019 08:59

Last week when Dr Guy Sutton visited from the UK to speak to our older students about the brain and brain development, music was held up as one of the greatest positive influences on brain development. As always, Mrs. Ni, Ms. Connor and extra-curricular music department is open and available to help advise on getting involved in music learning. Additionally, we recommend parents take their children to live music from a young age. The Philharmonie has many concerts specifically planned for children of all ages as well as their regular programming which welcomes students once they are able to listen attentively for a longer period of time. The schedule can be found here:

An additional concert that we highly recommend for students of all ages, also taking place at the Philharmonie but that is not on their regular programming, will be this concert by the Manchester based ensemble Kabantu. Student tickets are only 5 euros and the ensemble performs music with influences from around the world.





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