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Message of Appreciation from Lauren Memorial School-Uganda
Posted 11/09/2019 10:53

On behalf of Suubi Community Projects Uganda, the students, teachers and parents of Lauren Memorial School- Uganda, I write to express our sincere appreciations for your continued support towards the infrastructure development at this school.

As we come to the end of the 2nd school term, we celebrate another successful 90 days. We have been able to complete the 5 classroom block. All our children are now getting lessons inside a beautiful classroom. (Remember at the start of this year, several of them were still studying under a tree shade or in a temporary structure).

We also have been able to provide 50 extra desks (for extra 150 kids since each desk sits 3 kids). Other than the kids in nursery section, who are required by law to sit on the floor (thankfully it’s now a clean floor), all our older kids have a desk to sit on.

We have been able to put in place a safe and clean yard. Just a few months ago, whenever it rained, the school compound would flood and the kids would play in the mud. This was very unsafe!! Right now, water is well drained off the yard. Pathways have been built and flowers and vegetables planted in the green areas.

All this would not have been possible without your support, that was generously matched by Awesome Cause Foundation. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Our parents are continuously getting motivated and working hard to pay the school fees. The school fees collection helps us to pay the teachers’ salaries. Most cases what we collect is not enough and we have to top up from other sources, but we are registering improvement. We acknowledge that most of our kids come from very underprivileged families. We can only walk patiently with them along this life changing journey of Education.

We are glad that for most of the days this term, our kids were able to get a nutritious meal at school. Believe me that it's very difficult to keep a hungry child at school! We appreciate the group, Friends of St George's for their kind and generous support towards this cause.

We are glad that Awesome Cause is still committed to support further infrastructure development at the school. With continued support from St. George’s, we can hope for the best.

Some of the infrastructure that is still needed:

  1. New pit latrines. The school population has far outgrown the number of latrines we currently have. We have 5 stances (one is strictly for teachers, 2 for boys and 2 for girls). With approx. 200 girls, it means that 1 latrine for every 100 girls. This is double of the recommended 50 kids/ stance. We urgently need to put in place another 5 stance pit latrine.
  2. Expansion of the kitchen: Because of the increasing population, most meals are currently made outside in the open. We need to put in place and open air shelter where meals can be made.
  3. A dining shelter: Currently, children have their meals while sitting on Verandas around the school and some inside the classrooms. A dining shelter with some benches would be ideal for the children to have meals in an organized manner.
  4. Staff houses: Our teachers all stay away from the school. Renting their houses continues to be a huge burden for the school given that the fees collection is very low. If teachers are staying very close to the school, in an organized accommodation, this shall greatly improve service provision.
  5. Boarding facilities for older children, especially those who are coming from very far. However, this would also help us to attract capable parents from other places to bring their children. This would result in more revenue for the school for sustainability.

Once again, I thank you so much for your continued support. Kindly pass our appreciations to all the school community.





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