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WomenEd Belux Launches First Event at St George's
Posted 06/06/2019 09:22

On Wednesday 5th June, WomenEd BeLux celebrated its’ official launch in Luxembourg at St George’s International School, Luxembourg.

WomenEd is a grassroots movement that aims to connect aspiring and current women leaders in education. This movement provides a platform for women to be heard and share their stories, so that they can achieve their aspirations. It also aims to bridge the gap between male and female leaders in Education by encouraging more women to take on leadership roles. 

Ms Nuttall, Head of Primary at St George’s International school confided she took her first steps to following WomenEd’s mantra of ‘being 10% braver’ by accepting the challenge of being the co-leader of WomenEd Belux. During Ms Nuttalls’ opening speech, she spoke of gender inequality in the workplace as evidenced by the fact that ‘only 33 women (6.6%) out of 500 appear on the fortune 500 list’. It was pointed out that ‘despite the fact that there are more women who work in education there is a significantly higher percentage of men in high ranking roles’. 

Ms Nuttall also shared an anecdote in which she asked the whole school assembly to raised their hands if they thought they were clever, even at such a young age, fewer girls than boys raised their hands. 

The discussion panel which consisted of three school leaders; Claire Nuttall, Head of Primary at St George’s, ISL Director Nicki Crush and Head of ISF Tervuren, Orla Mc Loughlin was extremely enlightening. The leaders answered questions the audience had written on post-it notes. An interesting topic on the benefits of sports was addressed. It was evident they all feel that it is important to encourage both men and women to keep taking part in sports at schools, as it helps individuals to be well-balanced and confident. 

After the question and answer session, the audience were encouraged to ‘See’, ‘Think’ and ‘Wonder’. A thought-provoking revelation from this exercise was that when one Googles ‘best writers’, of the 12 results only 2 are women.  

WomenEd Belux would like to encourage all schools around Luxembourg to get involved. It is important that women talk about their journeys, struggles and aspirations thus working towards bridging the gap in our society. So remember to work towards being that 10% braver. 

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