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February Primary Well-being bulletin – Internet safety
Posted 12/02/2019 10:17

Digital well-being is an important aspect of keeping ourselves healthy and happy. There are many aspects of digital well-being for primary aged students, such as balancing your time online and off-line and using content that is appropriate to your age. Below are 3 of the key issues for Primary school students.

Inappropriate contact – it is so important that our students realise that anyone they encounter online who they do not know in real-life is a stranger, not a ‘friend’. The person on the other side of the screen may not be who they say they are and so students must be extremely careful about any information that they share online.

Cyberbullying – Students must not forget to respect other people and this extends to content posted online to other people or about other people.  

Digital footprint – We teach the students about creating a good digital footprint that gives them a good online reputation. The students learn that they should be very careful about whatever they do online, from the websites they visit to the posts or comments they submit.

The following websites have ideas for parents to help with discussing these issues with primary school aged students. has lots of discussion ideas and advice for children through games and videos to help them stay safe online:

There is information in French and German here from Bee Secure:  

The following ChildLine website pages have useful advice on internet safety and online bullying:





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