Year 2 Students

Fireworks Collage: 2D   

This work was linked to curriculum topic ‘Celebrations’ and included painting and printing techniques to create firework displays. The students looked at the outline of cityscapes and drew and cut out silhouettes, which they stuck to their background.

Clay Diyas:

Using the same topic the students used their clay modelling skills to make little diyas, used in India to celebrate Diwali. The diyas were fired in the school's kiln and decorated with metallic paint.

Year 2 also collaborated to make 2 hallway displays, one of which was based on the book 'How to find gold' by Viviane Schwarz, the second was a giant Octopus. 

Tentacled Octopuses: These beautiful multi-coloured clay creatures lived outside Mrs Nuttall office all year.

Most recently the students made Paper Weaving using the colours of the Kenyan flag, which was their Curriculum topic at the time. They extended the project to make optical-illusion weaving.

The most recent project was linked to The Stone Age topic and the children created a huge class Cave Painting using paint brushes attached to sticks as Cave artists might have used in the past.

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