Year 1 Students

Students covered the following topics this academic year:

Space (linked to curriculum topic ‘Space’)

Space Mixed Media Picture (2D) uses a stamping and printing technique on painted paper and the use of templates (jar lids, buckets etc.) to create planets. The students created the background by flicking paint to create a galaxy of stars, the students then stuck their real and imaginary spacecraft drawings on top of the stars.

Space ship/Flying Saucer is a 3D project using recycled materials. The space ship project was a great way for students to use their creativity and skills by using a variety of materials.

Photos of these can be seen in the slideshow below.

Moving Vehicles

The Moving Vehicles was a DT (Design Technology) project where the children explore forces such as push and pull. They discover for themselves, by trying different ways of attaching axels and wheels to a box which will become their vehicle. The children share their discoveries and decide on the best way to make their vehicle roll. They will then design, draw and paint a selection of vehicles and choose one to make. They perform many tests and share their top tips.

Once finished we have several races for fun, to see who’s can travel the farthest, straightest and remain intact after a minor collision.

Year Students

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