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Oliver Stricker

Oliver Stricker graduated from St George's in 2019...

Right now I am employed at a small company in Denmark with a total of 10 employees. It's a 3D-printing production company as well as an engineering consultancy. We specialise in design, engineering, simulations as well as testing/validation. My favourite project so far has been the design of multiple different types of insulin transportation trays, which will help provide millions of people around the world with life-saving medicine. 

Although that is my main focus, since we are also a small company, I am also in charge of the quality-management system. A recent victory of mine was that I was directly responsible for creating and implementing a new system, in compliance with ISO 9001, which got approved to a high regard when it was audited.

When there is time I like to express my creativity and practise using the many different programs we use here at the company. Some notable creations are physical scale-model planets with realistic topography and colours based off NASA data. I have also made a working gearbox mechanism in purely 3D print and I am working on a scale-model, working V8 engine, also in 3D print technology.

My time at university studying mechanical engineering was a blast. I kept a good balance between my social life and working, which I found important since my degree was very subject heavy. Grades were unimportant to me. As long as I felt that I had put in enough effort and tried my best, I was happy with the outcome. This naturally led to mostly medium-level grades, but some were quite low and a few quite high.

When you go into the working world your grades will not matter. The best example I have of this is when I was at the interview for my first job. They asked me to send them my scores for all classes, but the interviewers did not make a single comment on my scores. 

Networking, in my opinion, is more important than grades. I landed my job because I already knew my manager from my time at university. He reached out to me on Facebook (of all places) asking if I was interested in this opportunity and I took it. Extra curricular activities and parties (yes, parties) will help immensely in broadening your network. 

I have always been inspired by physics and engineering. The quality of St George's physics department just helped set the dream in stone.