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Wellbeing Award

Wellbeing Award

St George's is proud to announce it has been awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS), the award recognises the School's excellent emotional wellbeing and mental health provisions offered to all staff and students across the school.

Provided by Optimus Education, the Wellbeing Award for Schools recogises the work the school does in supporting the wellbeing of not only the students and staff but also the wider community. The award is developed in partnership with the national Children's Bureau (NCB), it ensures that effective practices and procedures have been put in place to  support the wellbeing of staff, students and the community on a long-term basis.

Over the past two years St George's has been working towards this award and is extremely proud to have finally received it.

During verification, the following strengths were highlighted:

1 The all-pervading person-centred ethos which informs all that the School does, and which results in very coherent and consistent messages and experiences emanating from staff, governors, parents and students;

2 Very strong relationships within School stemming from the above, characterised by strong mutual respect and care for each other;

3 The range and quality of available interventions available – for students and staff – with the School Nursing team being an outstanding example of this;

4 The curriculum, in which emotional wellbeing is not just championed in PSHEE but in other cross-curricular ways.

This Award has enabled St George's to:

1 Reaffirm and formalise our approach to education and emotional wellbeing

2 Raise the profile of emotional wellbeing in all areas of the School

3 Embed new strategies so that they are more sustainable

4 Champion the pastoral care of our staff and students

5 Introduce meditation and relaxation from an early age.

For more information on how St George's supports the wellbeing of its students, staff and parents can be found on the parent portal, 'Wellbeing tab'.