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Top Of the Bench Winners

top of the bench

St George's two teams achieved 1st and 2nd place in the Top of the Bench Competition.

Fantastic news regarding the Top of the Bench Chemistry competition! The two teams that participated in the competition achieved 1st and 2nd place. Phosphorus, the winning team, was composed of:

Year 9: Madelaine C and Pietro G
Year 10: Noe T
Year 11: Amna G

Magnesium, the runner up team was composed of:

Year 9: Naomi T and Sebastian R
Year 10: Roni R
Year 11: Max G

Mrs. Rita Woodward, from the Royal Society of Chemistry and organiser of the event has congratulated all of them, with special mention to:

Sebastian: Best Y9 individual result.
Noe: Best Y10 individual result.
Amna: Best Y11 individual result.

Congratulations, all the students should be extremely proud of their achievements!