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Students volunteer for marine conservation 

  • Secondary News

Year 13 students, Emilia H and Alice C, embarked on the trip of a lifetime during the summer break to volunteer and work with a marine conservation group in Croatia. During the trip they provided support to underwater clean-up efforts, helping to reduce sea pollution and conserve marine life. The students worked during the year to save up money and fund the trip. 

The trip was conducted through ImpactTrip and during the first week Emilia and Mia learned to dive and qualified for their SSI certification (Scuba Schools International). These skills were put to the test in the second week as they dived into water to retrieve litter from the seabed. 

One might expect the pollution culprit was plastic but in the waters surrounding Split the biggest form of litter is glass. Regrettably, many tourists who flock to these waters in boats each year carelessly throw glass bottles into the sea.  

In addition to collecting bags of glass from the seabed for recycling, the students logged information on the items collected, learning more about the marine ecosystem and how to protect it, and observing and identifying fish. 

Volunteer efforts on the project contribute towards the vision of healthier oceans, thriving ecosystems and a clean coastline – all driven by an aware and inspired community. 

Emilia said the trip brought home “how accessible it was to be able to do something to make a positive change”. 

For information on how to take part in similar conservation trips, visit 

– By Ms McHugh