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My Summer: Ana P, Year 12

  • Secondary News

With months of studying and exams finally brought to an end, I was thrilled to be finally setting off on an incredible opportunity and reward for all my effort. I spent the first two weeks of my summer in Bucharest, interning at TVR, the Romanian public television station.

During this time I shadowed Diana Dumitrescu, a reporter who kindly took the time to guide me through the process of putting together news. Diana’s role meant that every day she’d find a story and then go out into the field to talk to people and then write these up back in the newsroom.

I accompanied her, the driver and the cameraman to a protest, two press conferences and to interview students who had just completed exams. As a student myself, it was particularly fascinating seeing how students in a different system went through their version of what I’d just done.

I had expected to just observe and learn but was actually invited to try various parts of being a reporter, such as trying to write news stories parallel to Diana and writing lives which I read out in front of the camera. Through this I picked up key terms such as 'vox populi', which are interviews with members of the public, and 'syncrons', which are interviews with names, experts, lives, betas and more.

I was really impressed by the amount of work needed to make just a two-minute news clip as well as how many people are involved. Most importantly however, this experience let me get a feel for a workplace environment, particularly the friendly, and energetic atmosphere of the newsroom.

I was able to see not only how Diana worked together with other reporters, cameramen, drivers and editors from TVR, but also with reporters from other TV stations. Rather than competing for the best stories, they helped each other out when they could, for example telling the others about an interviewee who had a lot to say on the subject at hand.

This part of the internship definitely helped prepare me for the world of work, no matter what industry I choose to go to. Furthermore, I was able to see passion and hard work pay off. I could see how years of experience and effort gave Diana an ease with imagining news clips, finding and putting together stories.

On the whole, the internship was an incredible opportunity and an amazing experience which made the idea of the going to work in the near future less of a mystery and more exciting.

– By Ana P, Year 12