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Learning art of slam in French

  • Secondary News

Year 10 French students attended a workshop on the art of slam and the art of boxing on Friday, 22nd March.

The workshop introduced the students to the oratory technique of poetry slam, encouraging body anchoring and building their confidence in speaking French as well as promoting the French language in our school.  

Thank you to Institut Francais in Luxembourg for making the workshop possible. 

Students' reviews

J’ai trouvé le slam boxe amusant et bien. La partie boxing m’a appris les bases et j’ai bien aimé les activités physiques de l’atelier. J’ai aussi apprecié écrire un Slam avec Julia car j’ai bien aimé le résultat. 

It was an interesting experience and an interesting opportunity to try boxing and poetry. 

I liked it as we had the opportunity to use some skills such as rhyming that we don’t ordinarily get to use in class. Boxing also helped us to be more confident in reciting our poems and being more open to speak. 

The workshop was interesting and fun because it combined two different activities so we could experiment and try both. The Slam part was fun as it let us be creative and both of the people were very nice. 

J’ai bien aimé le slam boxing parce que cela nous a sorti de notre zone de confort et on a appris comment se defender, ce qui est intéressant. 

The slam boxe was a great experience. The boxing was fun and the poetry was challenging but in a good way and the starting games were fun. 

The event was part of the "Mois de la Francophonie" events. Click here to watch a video showing the work of Year 7 to 9 students during March.