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All about the brain

  • Secondary News

A Level biology and psychology students attended engaging workshops on 19th November by Dr Guy Sutton, a leading authority in psychiatry and brain disorders. 

Linking his content to the Biology A Level syllabus he took the students on a journey to understand the nervous system up to and beyond undergraduate level. He shared information on the latest research and cutting-edge technology in neurobionics along with the amazing work taking place with organoids in university laboratories around the world.

Year 12 students had the opportunity to dissect brain tissue, which certainly made a lasting impression, while Year 13 students looked deeper into the impact of drugs and their associated biochemical pathways. They also had the chance to ask questions regarding university life and choices, and given it is an important time in their academic year, hopefully he was able to give some thoughts for reflection.

The workshops were very successful and the Science Department looks forward to Dr Sutton's return in 2022.