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Gambia visit strengthens partnership

  • Primary News

Mrs Crawley-Oakes and Miss Bermingham spent a week in the Gambia last month strengthening St George's partnership with Batokunku School. Our focus was to work closely with the school, research the environmental initiatives in place across the country and immerse ourselves in the culture to enrich the primary curriculum.

While in the Gambia we also had the privilege of meeting with the British High Commissioner to represent St George's and the work we have been doing with Batokunku. As a result, further resources and initiatives have been shared to strengthen the eco link between the two communities.

The St George's community has worked hard fundraising over recent months to support Batokunku School and its wider community. After establishing the priority needs of the school we sourced a range of equipment from the local market including workbooks, various stationery, buckets, brooms and even a speaker for the school's assemblies.

After seeing the impact of our fundraising and strengthening the link between the schools on World Book Day we have no doubt that this is a valuable and meaningful link that will be continued and strengthened for years to come.

– By Miss Bermingham and Mrs Crawley Oakes