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Enayah wins 100 Words Competition

  • Primary News

St George's student Enayah C has been awarded first place in the Society of Heads 100 Words Competition for Years 5 and 6.

The current Year 7 student, who took top honours in the competition as a Year 6 student, submitted her entry on the theme "2020". 

Clive Rickart, CEO of the Society of Heads, said the judges were impressed with the high quality of work from more than 400 students. 

"The standard of work was incredibly high. Enayah is to be congratulated on this significant achievement," Mr Rickart said.

St George's Principal, Dr Barkei, and Head of Primary, Mrs Nuttall, also congratulated Enayah on her achievement. 

Here is her winning entry. 


A single, crisp crimson leaf drifts down from the branch, floating falling, into the golden of autumn and swept away by a current of water. Separated from the rest a lone wolf howls, its voice echoing through the misty dark forest. Isolated from its pack, a bright blazing star, the last one shining, glints in a purple sky once powdered with distant galaxies. Solitary, far away, alone. But after the snow falls in winter, crystallising the world, a small, white snowdrop blossom rises from the soil. It doesn't just end winter, but it begins the next year, a year of hope.

Enayah, Year 6