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Students help reforestation project

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By Lauren D, Year 13 student and Head of the Climate Action Ministry

One of the main goals of the Climate Action Ministry within the Secondary Student Parliament is to protect and promote biodiversity within the school and around Luxembourg.

A number of students from the Student Parliament participated in a reforestation project in Dudelange on 20th January. During this trip, dead trees were removed and new trees replanted. A section of land was also used to plant various shrubs in order to promote insect, bug and eventually bee populations in the area.

This is due to the repopulation of wildflowers by planting cherry trees, ash trees and various shrubs including dogwood, common buckthorn and common privet. These projects help to improve soil quality, sink emissions and provide habitats for local wildlife. Animals that should benefit are hedgehogs, mice and insects. More specifically, in the long run the project will be helpful to the badger living in the orchard. 

The reforestation project was carried out with the help of Natur Emvelt. Natur Emvelt is the Luxembourg National Nature and Environment organisation, which carries out numerous projects each year, buying land in Luxembourg in the hope of protecting and rejuvenating these areas of wildlife. 

The students were accompanied by Ms McHugh (Eco Coordinator), Ms Pantoulia (Head of Student Parliament) and Mr Stazicka (Geography teacher). A large amount of effort went into replanting these trees, whether through the organisation of the trip, strength or motivational support.