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St George's attends BNE Foire

  • Eco News

St George’s staff recently attended the BNE Foire, an education event that connects schools, NGOs and organisations to promote sustainability in education. The Luxembourg Government is supporting this project through the Interministerial Committee on Education for Sustainable Development (EDRC).

St George’s staff set up a stand and presented a collection of work from Primary and Secondary students showcasing projects in sustainability.

Luxembourg's Minister of Education, Claude Meisch, attended the event and spoke at length about the importance of sustainability in schools. The Minister explained how the Luxembourg curriculum is being updated in 2024/25 to increase sustainability content. This is a similar approach to the UK's Department of Education, which recently released the final draft of its Strategy Paper on Sustainability in Education.

St George’s spoke with Minister Meisch about student work across the schools, including the recently opened outdoor classroom in Primary and the School Climate Pledge.

Click here for further information on sustainability in education at St George's.