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Primary celebrates Earth Day and sustainability

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Primary school students dressed in “Green or Blue, nothing new” for Earth Day, on Monday, 22nd April, raising €217.62 for The World Land Trust.

Mileposts 1 and 3 students participated in a “Just Dance” for the planet during Earth Day assembly. 

Students were invited to join various activities to learn about sustainability during Sustainability Week.

  • Year 1 took a tour around the school garden, greenhouse and outdoor classroom. They planted seeds for pumpkins, beans, and wildflowers.
  • Year 2 discussed plastic pollution, beach clean-ups, and upcycling old T-shirts into tote bags for beach clean-ups in the summer.
  • Year 3 braved the changeable weather with “Climate Fresk” in the outdoor classroom, participating in a stormwater workshop to learn about the impact of different city materials on flooding and the water cycle.
  • Year 4 welcomed EBL to speak about the circular economy and ways to recycle plastic.
  • Year 5 started their outdoor project to build a new veggie patch. Digging over a grass area, laying a new boundary made from recycled fencing and planting various plants.

Watch the week's highlights here.

– By Ms McHugh, Sustainability Coordinator