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Eco News: Winter term round-up

  • Eco News

St George's students and staff were very active last term working on several sustainability projects around school. Below is a summary of work by the school last  term to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

COP26 climate action leaves: Students supported COP26 in October through the School Climate Pledge event. Students created a Forest of Promises with ceramic leaves inscribed with individual climate-action commitments. Several leaves were sent to COP26 and made front-page news during the event. WWF also created a photo mosaic featuring St George's leaves to  commemorate COP26.

Climate Action Question of the Month: Secondary students submitted leaves with questions for world leaders on climate action. The school's Ministry of Climate Action incorporated these leaves in a poster for question of the month.

One Tonne of CO2 emissions: Years 5 and 6 students took to the playground (below) to measure out what one tonne of CO2 emissions looks like.


Eco-agent bird feeders:  Primary Eco Agents supported local biodiversity, creating zero-waste bird feeders which have been hung in trees around the school. This provided a nice Christmas dinner for the birds in our gardens.

Water dispensers: – Secondary's Ministry of Climate Action kicked off a project to set up some 'hydration stations' around the school. This project aims to increase water ffilling stations for water bottles and thereby also reduce plastic pollution.

Recycling plastic items: Primary continued to recycle plastic stationery, collecting more than 1,000 items this term. These items are typically recycled into industrial items like pipes.

St George's tree nursery: British Ambassador Fleur Thomas kindly donated a horse chestnut sapling from the Embassy gardens to commemorate the School Climate Pledge. The sapling has been planted in the school gardens and marks the start of St George's tree nursery. More news on this to follow soon.

Below are just a few of the projects we have planned for this term.

  • Reforestation project: Members of Secondary's School Parliament will be working with Natur & emwelt to plant trees and hedgerows in Dudelange to protect and support local biodiversity.
  • Soup disco:  Students will take part in a workshop with local charity Food Sharing Luxembourg to whip up some soup magic using food that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Tree nursery: Primary students will be planting seedlings to grow in the St George's tree nursery.
  • Preparing for Earth Day: Students across the school will be working to prepare ideas for Earth Day 2022, which falls on Friday, 22nd April.

For more information on sustainability in the school please visit St George’s sustainability page.