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Eco-Agents impress at Sustainability Summit

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Eco-Agents from Years 7 and 8 attended ISL's International Education and Sustainability Leadership Summit recently. 

The event was attended by a number of schools from across Europe, along with educators and business leaders in sustainability. The three-day event, based on Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U”, involved a “deep dive” on the first day, “letting go” on day two and “action” on the final day.

  • Day 1 The students' journey began with a thought-provoking lecture by Professor Calland from the University of Cambridge, who discussed the 'state of the planet' and the polycrisis of climate change. Despite the lecture's complexity, our Eco-Agents remained fully engaged. They then participated in workshops to unpack their feelings from the lecture and learn about systems thinking. The day concluded with a group activity involving 130 participants, where our students tested their understanding of systems thinking.
  • Day 2 Businesses gave presentations on ideas for sustainability and students were able to ask questions about their work and career paths. Students also participated in workshops to brainstorm ideas for sustainability in education. 
  • Day 3 Students gave presentations to the delegates revealing their ideas and a student panel held a Q&A with business leaders. 

Our Eco-Agents not only stood out as the youngest participants at the summit but also because of their remarkable passion, energy and innovative ideas. Their performance was so impressive that one of the attending schools decided to implement a similar Eco-Agents programme, and many other schools borrowed ideas from our students to enhance their sustainability initiatives. The Eco-Agents were in constant demand by businesses and leaders, a testament to their exceptional performance.

By Ms McHugh, Sustainability Coordinator