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Eco-Agents discuss sustainability with Minister

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St George's Eco-Agents were a force to be reckoned with at the annual BNE Foire (Sustainable Development Education Fair) in Luxembourg on Tuesday, 26th March.

Highly visible in their bright green Eco-Agent hoodies, the students from Primary and Secondary, who were joined by St George's alumni and staff, spoke with Minister Serge Wilmes and his team from Luxembourg's Ministère de l'Environnement, du Climat et de la Biodiversité about projects in the school and sustainability in education.

The Eco-Agents presented a workshop on microplastics in toiletries and even encouraged Minister Wilmes to try future foods in the form of chocolate-covered dried crickets and mealworms.

The sustainability student team was joined by St George’s alumna Isolde Roberts, who recently completed her Master of Science in Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway University of London. Isolde, an honorary Alumni Eco-Agent, toured the foire with the students and discussed research in biodiversity with Dr Claudia Hitaj, advisor at the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Biodiversity. 

St George's Sustainability Coordinato Anne-Marie McHugh said the Eco-Agents explored the Foire to meet key players in Luxembourg’s eco-system to build for a more sustainable future. "Later the students explained to our staff which organisations they would like to invite into the school to promote sustainability in education," Ms McHugh added. 

St George's Sustainability Staff team of Ms McHugh, Mr Dyson and Ms Loureiro escorted the Eco-Agents and were incredibly proud of the knowledge and passion displayed by the student team.

Watch the video here.

Environment Minister Serge Wilmes tries chocolate-coated crickets with St George's Eco-Agents. Photo @MECB.