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Barthel Building

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14 classrooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards, offer purpose-built spaces for small and large group learning in the Secondary school.


Two computer suites, with a total of 42 computers, are located in the Barthel building and are used for both ICT and Mathematics courses. Web Premium CS5, Flash and Dreamweaver are installed on all Secondary computers to accommodate the needs of the curriculum.


One of the most bustling places on the St George's campus, the canteen offers warm meals that have been prepared on-site. Parents and students are invited for breakfast and coffee before school and can gather in the canteen after the day is finished to work on homework together.

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Barthel Hall is a large, multi-purpose classroom that is used for Drama, Music, Physical Education, and other instruction. In addition, it offers space for external exams, parent and staff meetings, music and drama performances, and the art exhibition. 

St George’s offers a broad and diverse instrumental programme which provides students the opportunity to learn instruments from a team of instrumental teachers who are all highly trained professional musicians. Instruments available for students to learn at St George's include drums and percussion, guitar and bass guitar, piano, voice, violin, cello, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, flute and recorder.


St George's provides four spacious bright science laboratories. These rooms are equipped with an extensive range of specialised practical equipment for experimentation in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. A dedicated preparation area and on-staff lab technician offer students support with their practical work. These facilities allow our students to adopt a hands-on approach to discovering and understanding scientific principles and experimental procedures..

Each lab also contains a modern interactive white board with internet connectivity to enable the use of a wide range of inspirational resources to compliment the practical work. In addition, the Chemistry laboratory is equipped with a fume cupboard to meet the demands of A-Level practical work. Laptops and iPads are available for specific projects to allow a variety of teaching and learning initiatives with the aim of broadening the students' interest in Science through technology.
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Health and Safety is paramount - that is why our labs adhere to the guidelines of the UK organisation CLEAPPS, ensuring that the labs are equipped with all necessary safety features. We have a dedicated preparation area and on-staff lab technician to offer teachers and students support with their practical work and with safety-related issues.